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Welcome to the world of Don’t Mention the Rock Star.


Kellie Carmichael:  A gossip reporter for the Starfix website. She has two teenage children, Ryan and Ciara, and lives in Sydney, Australia.

Curtis Carmichael: Kellie’s husband; a pharmaceutical sales director.

AJ (Andy) Dangerfield:  Lead singer of rock band Danger Game, who dated Kellie during his teens.

Nikki Palmer: Kellie’s best friend who works as a radio producer in Perth.

Zara Conrad: Starfix editor-in-chief.

Siena Ellement: Andy’s wife. Her father, Chandler, is the founder of record company Atticus that signed Danger Game.

Delia Carmichael: The mother-in-law, married to Thomas who hardly says a word.

Lenny Smith: Work colleague who knows everything about everyone.

Dawn Greene: Kellie’s childhood friend, married to her high school sweetheart Corey.

Gerry Bitel: Andy’s best mate and Danger Game bass guitarist. The other band members are Heath Whitehead (lead guitarist) and Dom Castillo (drummer).

Dan Hunter: Kellie’s classmate and golden boy.


The story is primarily centred around Kellie’s life in Sydney but in earlier years she lived in Perth, and travelled to America and England.






The story alternates between past and present and kicks off around 1992-93. For those who are too young to remember the early 90s or those who need a reminder, here’s a primer about that era.

George Bush Sr vacates the White House and Bill Clinton moves in. With Boris Yeltsin in charge in Russia, the Cold War is officially declared over. Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Hercegovina, is under siege, Disneyland Paris has just opened, LA is rocked by riots over the Rodney King case, and Prince Charles and Diana announce their separation.

Barcelona hosts the Olympics and David Beckham makes his debut for Manchester United. Tennis player Andre Agassi wins his only Wimbledon title, while his future wife Steffi Graf dominates the women’s circuit.

Aladdin is Disney’s latest movie offering, while we learn to “party on” through Wayne’s World. Jurassic Park, Sleepless in Seattle and Basic Instinct are also drawing moviegoers in droves. The world loses comedian Benny Hill and style icon Audrey Hepburn, while actor Brandon Lee dies on the set of The Crow, and River Phoenix dies of a drug overdose at The Viper Room.

Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling join the cast of The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. The bar where everyone knows your names shuts as TV show Cheers ends its long run. Other top-rating shows of the time include Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, Northern Exposure, Home Improvement, The X-Files and Melrose Place.

CDs outsell cassettes for the first time, as Nirvana’s Nevermind album tops the Billboard charts, and Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You is the biggest-selling song.

Fashion trends include denim overalls, crimped hair, scrunchies and butterfly clips, plaid shirts, bike shorts, neon colours and hip hop-influenced clothing. Cabbage Patch Kids, Trolls, Pogs, Super Mario Kart and Sonic the Hedgehog are all the rage.



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