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December 10, 2014 | Blogs, News | 1 Comment

A number of bloggers have jumped on board for my first blog tour, the Please Mention It tour – in January and February 2015. There’s guest posts, Q+As and extracts so make sure you drop by each stop.


January 5: ConnectExcerpt

Read about an embarrassing red carpet encounter here.

January 10: I Heart Chick LitIn Defence of Infidelity (In Fictional Life)

A colleague and I were discussing a moral dilemma. A thirty-something friend of hers had bumped into an old boyfriend. He was single but she was married with two small children. She loved her husband but felt their marriage had grown stale and she wanted to know if the spark she felt with her ex that night was real. She wanted to know if she should go ahead and have an affair. Continue reading

January 14: Bookaholic ConfessionsThe Rise of Celebrity Worship

It’s a sign of our times that people know more about celebrities – the movie stars, the pop stars, the It girls – than the movers and shakers in the political and business world. But is celebrity gossip really all that bad? Continue reading

January 19: Shaz’s Book BlogDebut Spotlight Q+As

Find out the challenges I had writing my novel, which celebrity I would like to endorse my book, my shameful literary confessions and the six fictional characters I would invite to a dinner party. Read more

January 22: One More PageWhat Did We Do Before Social Media?

If you are like me, mornings always start with a quick stretch. A stretch, that is, to reach my smartphone on my bedside table. And from the comfort of my warm bed, I can scroll through all the emails, Facebook updates and tweets that have come through overnight. Continue reading

January 27: Eve’s Chick Lit ReviewsRemembering Those Memorable Concerts

From Duran Duran disappointment, to Green Day mosh pit and Bieber fever, Bree Darcy recalls her special concert moments. Read more

January 29: Karma for Life ChickQ+A

Do opposites attract, how do blogs help authors, what book got me hooked on chick lit and what is my favourite rom-com. Read more.

February 3: Chick Lit CentralSomeone We Want to Mention

Which authors have inspired me, what keeps me writing and who would I cast in the lead roles of a Don’t Mention the Rock Star movie? Read more

February 6: A Spoonful of Happy EndingsInterview

Making the switch from blogger to author, the three things I couldn’t live without and why if I had a superpower I’d travel back to 1989. Read more

February 10: Leah LovesBree Darcy Loves

I reveal five of my personal passions – from rom-coms to 80s pop culture. For anyone who lived through the 80s and doesn’t think it was rad, I’d simply say to them: “what are you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” Read more

January 12: Novel KicksQ+A

Find out which three books made a big impact, what my writing process is like and the fictional character I’d like to swap places with. (Hint: I’d have to travel back to 1963 in the Catskill Mountains.) Read more

February 16: Chick Lit UncoveredInterview

Elle uncovers what I think of that chick lit label, my rock star crushes, the song that best sums up Don’t Mention the Rock Star and which celebrity should write a novel. Read more

February 23: We Heart WritingWhy I Went the Indie Route

While I was writing my debut novel, Don’t Mention the Rock Star, people would often inquire about my publishing plans. When I mentioned my intention to submit it to a handful of cherry-picked publishers, some were surprised. ‘Haven’t you read about all those indie writers making a fortune?’ ‘Don’t you have the perfect platform to promote your work through your chick lit connections?’ ‘What do you need a publisher for?’ Continue reading